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Michael-Paul         Hart

Dear Reader,

I am  Michael-Paul Hart, Indianapolis City-County Councilor for District 18. I am a lifelong resident of Marion County, and I am a local advocate whose priority is Indianapolis's Citizens. I know the challenges of working full time while raising a family and attending college. I spent eight years working full-time in various skilled trades while attending courses at night and online, eventually obtaining multiple degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology. Along with being a Councilor, I am a Technology Solution Architect for a global technology company, a small business owner, and most importantly, a proud father and family man.

Politically, I have been highly active in Indianapolis for quite some time. I was first introduced to politics because I didn't like what I saw on tv and heard on the radio. My first role was serving as a Precinct Committeeman, then Ward Chairman, and eventually earning my way on a local political Club board as President. Today, I also represent my political party in Warren Township as the Township Chairman. 

As a Councilor, I prioritize public safety, accountability, and transparency, and bringing common sense and honesty into the legislative branch of City government. I also have goals of creating long-term economic development and housing solutions for residents of Indianapolis that result in a better quality of life for all. Most importantly, I am working to develop leadership opportunities to improve the communities of District 18 and set an example of what a better and brighter community represents. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions.

Michael-Paul Hart

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