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Committee Assignments

Assignments are in and Official for the year 2020. Each year the Committee on Committees will meet to discuss which Council Members of each Caucus will represent each Committee. This year the Council President is Vop Osili, the Majority Leader is Maggie Lewis, and the Minority Leader is Brian Mowery it is up to their discretion to decide the assignments for each Councilor.

What are the Council Committees?

  • Administration and Finance

  • Community Affairs

  • Committee on Committees

  • Education

  • Ethics

  • Metropolitan and Economic Development

  • Municipal Corporations

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Public Safety and Criminal Justice

  • Public Works

  • Rules and Public Policy

What do the Committees do?

Administration and Finance

Review and approve all administrative functions of the CCC such as human resources and employment, purchasing, legal counsel, constituent services and internal audits.

Community Affairs

Hold meetings in the community to discuss issues that affect the quality of life of constituents.

Committee on Committees

Assign Council members to committees and review appointees' background information. This committee is made up of the Council President, Majority Leader, and Minority Leader.

Education Committee

Focus efforts on a shared vision for preschool through college initiatives that would boost educational attainment and cultivate collaboration across government bodies to better provide for our residents.

Ethics Committee

Reviews the ethics ordinance and periodically suggests changes. The committee also handles all ethics violations and complaints.

Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee

Concentrate on neighborhood concerns such as zoning, planning, land use, public housing, township administration, code compliance and enforcement, historic preservation, and economic development.

Municipal Corporations Committee

Review and approve all ordinances and resolutions that relate to corporations owned by the County. Municipal Corporations include Indianapolis Airport Authority, Capital Improvements Board, Health and Hospital Corporation, Indianapolis Public Library and Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo).

Parks and Recreation Committee

Review actions and issues that affect parks land, and arts and recreation opportunities in the community. Areas Covered by the committee include neighborhood parks community centers, golf services, recreation and leisure services, greenways, and the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Oversee the public safety agencies of the City and Council. Agencies include the Marion Superior and Civil Courts, fire and police, agencies, emergency communication, forensic services, coroner, prosecutor, and public defender.

Public Works Committee

Handle all environmental and infrastructure concerns of the City and County such as Street Paving, trash pickup, snow removal, solid waste management, and traffic controls.

Rules and Public Policy Committee

Handle matters concerning Council procedure and rules, ordinances, reviews and revisions, and public policy issues that affect constituents.

How Often do the Committees Meet?

The committees meet based on a pre-determined schedule. This schedule was in place before anyone was sworn in as Councilor.

To know when committees are meeting click the calendar.

What Committees is Michael-Paul Hart on?

  • Community Affairs

  • Education

  • Ethics

  • Municipal Corporations

  • Public Works

  • Rules and Public Policy

Full list of Committee Assignments:

What is the Process From Proposal to Ordinance?

In local government, we have Resolutions and Ordinances. There are three types of resolutions and four types of ordinances.

Resolutions: Special, Council, and General

Ordinance: General, Fiscal, Special, and Rezoming

Information can be found in this document about Proposals and Ordinances: Click Blue Folder

What to do if you cannot make it to a meeting?

Always call your Councilor prior to a meeting if there is something specific you would like to address at the committee meeting and they can bring it up in your absence. All meetings are broadcasted live and be viewed here: If you would like to view any prior meeting they are all recorded and can be viewed here:

More Information

If there is any additional information you would like to know please do not hesitate to reach out, it is always my pleasure to help.

Thank you for visiting,

Michael-Paul Hart

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