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Michael-Paul Hart

Michael-Paul Hart is Indianapolis City-County Councilor for District 18. He is a lifelong resident of Marion County and a local advocate whose priority is Indianapolis's Citizens. Along with being a Councilor, He is a Director of End User Computing Solutions for a global technology company, a small business owner, and most importantly, a loving father and family man. 

Michael knows the challenges of working full-time while raising a family and attending college. Spending eight years working full-time in various skilled trades while attending courses at night and online, he eventually obtained multiple degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Politically, Michael has been highly active in Indianapolis. He was first introduced to politics because he didn't like what I saw on tv and heard on the radio. His first role was serving as a Precinct Committeeman, then Ward Chairman, and eventually earning a position on a local political Club board as President. Today, He represents The Republican Party in Warren Township as the Township Chairman. 

As a local leader, he prioritizes public safety, accountability, and transparency and brings common sense and honesty into the legislative branch of government. He also focuses on creating long-term infrastructure, economic development, and housing solutions for residents of Indianapolis that result in a better quality of life for all. 

Michael knows we can't wait for the government to answer the challenges in the community. That is why he develops leadership opportunities to improve the communities and set an example of what a better and brighter community represents. 

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